António Mendes

António de Almeida Mendes

António de Almeida Mendes is a historian specialised in slavery and slave trades of early modernity (from 14th to 16th century) and the history of the Atlantic. He is a lecturer at the University of Nantes, founding member of the International Centre for Research into Slavery, member of the Research Centre on International History and Atlantic and, from 2013 to 2016, member of the National Committee for the Remembrance and History of Slavery. He is co-director of the STARACO program at the University of Nantes (STAtus, RAce and COlours in the Atlantic) which is intended to initiate a thought process on the construction of hierarchies and statuses inherited from slavery in Iberian worlds, as well as the PRALT program (the PRactice of ALTerity from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, 15th-20th century) at the Casa de Velázquez (Madrid).